David Toop & Max Eastley in Conversation at the Pitt Rivers Museum (24-11-2012)

Toop/Eastley in conversation.

David Toop and Max Eastley in Conversation at the Pitt Rivers Museum on 24th November 2012. David and Max gave the keynote presentation to complete our 'Making Sound Objects' one day British Forum for Ethnomusicology Conference. Beginning with sounds from their 1994 album 'Buried Dreams', and ranging through their engagement with sound and instruments at the Pitt RIvers Museum, the history of sound recording, and the role of sound in societies, their conversation was intended expand the dialogue between sound theorists, sound practitioners, and ethnomusicologists.

‘Writtle Calling’, Writtle Radio, Essex

Writtle Calling/2 Emma Toc was a collaborative work, in which Artists, writers, scientists and musicians were invited to make content for a temporary radio station broadcasting from an historic radio site. They were asked to respond to notions of broadcasting and communication and to a series of ideas. The station was active for 1 week. Max Eastley installed four Aeolian harps on the Aerial of the Radio Station. The sounds produced by the wind on the harps were transmitted to the control room and broadcast from 12 midday to 6pm each day. At 6pm other Artists' broadcasts began. It became evident from the evening broadcasts that the installation could also be heard acoustically as the radio station building acted as a resonator for the installation.



More information on the project can be found here:


A flier detailing the Writtle Radio project:

‘Gone With the Wind’, Raven Row, Jun-Jul 2011

Raven Row Gallery is housed in two 18th century buildings. Max Eastley built an aeolian installation on the roof of the gallery and worked with engineer Dave Hunt to develop a means by which the sounds produced by the wind on the aeolian devices could be transmitted twelve meters down into the rooms in which Max was exhibiting a number of indoor sound installations. The external sounds were mixed together with the sounds from the indoor installations.

Max did a solo performance in the gallery playing his unique instrument, The Arc (developed from an aeolian device), together with an interior installation and a live feed from the aeolian installation on the roof.

Recording of roof installation channeled down into the building

Cape Farewell Recordings

Recordings of wind harp & latex string installations at Spitsbergen, by Max Eastley in 2005.

Installations were attached to the ship: 'The Norderlicht'. Selected recordings of the installations can be listened to below.


Recordings of the latex string:

Recordings of the wind harps: