Audible Forces, 2013-2014

Inspired by Max Eastley's Aeolian researches, Audible Forces was a touring exhibition organised by a collaboration between Oxford Contemporary Music, The Sonic Arts Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University and Without Walls. This was an outdoor exhibition of seven artists who all created artworks using the wind to produce sound. The exhibition toured for two years (2013-2014) and went to Brighton Festival, Norfolk & Norwich, Salisbury, Greenwich & Docklands, Stockton, Kendal Lakes Alive, Salford and Stoke-on-Trent. The artists were: Mark Anderson, Mike Blow, Jony Easterby, Max Eastley, Dan Fox, Cathy Hinde and Nathaniel Mann.

Audiograft Festival 2013, Oxford

This was a prototype and technical test for a design to be used for a large national touring exhibition (Audible Forces) that started that same year. The festival drew many hundreds of people but the significance for Max Eastley was the ability to discuss technical aspects of the design with production staff from the Oxford Contemporary Music organisation - one of the key organisers of the subsequent touring exhibition.